Collaborative project between Cornell Tech, NYU and Parsons. Three software engineers and two UX designers are currently working together on this chrome extension.

Project Outline

1) The big idea

Our idea is to create a platform and tool that can be used to rate different sources of information on their reliability in…

This is a project that involves competitor analysis, personas, user flow, wire frames, visual mock ups, prototypes and a final app completed in 6 weeks. Thank you to Katherine Moriwaki for the critiques and weekly meetings.


How can we create a platform/online community for artists that is focused on…

A huge key to success when it comes to conducting research is by talking to users and customers. We can look at data and analytics to understand what the statistics are however the “why” is only really understood after you have a conversation with someone to understand the reasoning behind…

After reading Gaver Dunne’s article on cultural probes I discovered that cultural probes are a very interactive qualitative research tool that allows the user to feel comfortable in opening/ and sharing pieces of information about their daily lives and routines.

The intention is to learn about your subject but also…

Tania Zaidi

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